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The sands of time awaken in the turtle dreaming of peace...

Turtle magic meaning: slow down, connect to your inner wisdom of peace, ancient wisdom that one holds within.

Holding a space of love, stillness as i take you into the ancient world that is awakening within the core of your being. Channeled light codes expressed through light language, connecting to what your soul wishes to revile, activating the energy of peace and balance so one can start to remember the calling of ones truth. As i take you on a journey of releasing all that no longer serves your path.

Combining massage, blend of essential oils singing harmonies to awaken the lost parts of self to come back into the vessel that once again can feel safe to be reawakened. Hot rocks will be placed upon energy centers upon the body ground the energies coming in. I will be working with the elements of nature to purify and shift blocks within your energy centres, being Salt scrub, smudging of sage, light essences of peace and balance. Completing the turtle dreaming with a 30 min healing facial with light codes of unconditional love, Peace, Transformation, and truth. This package is a deep healing transformational journey to awakening and connecting to your own inner truth awakening you from the dream.

Turtle Dreaming 2 hr Package

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