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Day Tripper 7-hour Couples or Double Package

Heavenly surrender to indulge in pure delight, taking you on a journey of love and inner peace.

the Day Tripper package is designed to open all the senses, working on every level of your being.  Starting with a 30 min Indian Head Massage, with a rich​ array of Essential Oil blends that relax and help you to release and let go with  (Warm coconut oil, blend of essential oils, Frankincense, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver through hair, pressure points), Followed with a 1 hr session of the Tera Hertz frequency device through the trigger points and meridians, zoning in on problem areas and the therapist Softly strokes along the skin, (not recommended for ticklish people, can have glove exfoliate if you are ticklish in its place) putting you into a deep relaxing space, deep surrender, flowing into a 90 min Hot Stone Massage, Deluxe Alpha & Omega Facial, 30 Min Reiki healing Followed by a 1 hr Private High Tea for 2.  


 Completing this day tripper experience is a 1 hr Deluxe Pedicure, 30 Min Manicure.

7 Hour Day Tripper for 2

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