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Blissage Therapist Rachelle Carroll

I praise the paradox of BEING NOT DOING and that these results occur with a regular practice of spending time essentially doing nothing. In this quiet time, we come to realise the connection with ourselves reaches far beyond the roles we assume in daily life (Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Lover, Brother, Sister, Employee, Employer, Student, Teacher, etc.). When we are BEING we realise we are not any of these roles. We are the unbounded awareness that cannot be contained in a ‘role’. My retreat programs bring pieces of this unbound True self. How do we know this dynamic happens? Life becomes richer beyond our imagined expectations. Coincidences or synchronistic occurs. Psychologically, Medically, our blood pressure drops, immunity is enhanced (among many other physical changes). All we need is a getaway that will turn down the brain chatter. It is human nature for us to become more aware of our self under certain conditions. It is human nature for us to feel peace and love under the right circumstances. It is human nature for us to feel true inner wakefulness when obstacles to those states are removed. Over a 15 yrs ago, I discovered my true calling as a holistic facilitator in the mind-body field through my own personal experiences of miraculous healing, transformation and self development. Since that time my life has been dedicated and immersed as a holistic therapist where I have had the honour of facilitating transformation and empowerment of thousands of people within several world renowned lifestyle retreats. I have subcontracting to the Golden Door Retreat Queensland for 3 years. Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat Queensland for 9 years and cabarita ocean health retreat for 3 years while also traveling to Sydney and Melbourne treating my wonderful clients regularly.

Through my years of treating clients I have listened to their constant calling and requests for private retreat programs with no groups, no detox, no exercise programs, in a beautiful location for Rejuvenation and transformation, and make the choice to do as little as they choose on there private retreat journey. I look forward to retreating with you Rachelle Carroll

* 15 Years In Massage Therapies:

Swedish, Aromatherapy, Hot Rock, Kahuna, Relaxation.

* Body Treatments

* My Own Signature Treatments

* A range Of Beauty Treatments.

Rachelle Carroll Signature Treatment Available Appointments click here 

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