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Rachelle Carroll's Signature Treatment

Signature Treatments Hawaiian 120 Min Lomi Lomi Massage & Hot Stone Mind, Body Transformation.

Through this powerful combination of full body, head, feet and face Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and hot stone massage, the body will soften and muscles will be soothed, then as your mind clears the senses are touched by a variety of massage techniques and the many aspects of healing inspired by the wisdom of the Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas. This treatment harmonies heart and mind and will open you to experience the magic of spirit ‘Uhane’ and thereby allow presence and excellence ‘Pono’ to flow, align and unite all parts of your authentic self.

A beautiful treatment for those experiencing transition or grief or for those who simply wish to experience deep healing and powerfully shifting body work.This is all achieved through hot stone massage, acupressure, meridian points, energy medicine, sound healing, voice toning, aromatherapy oils, flower essences and deeply expansive music.

In house $155 Includes GST

Mobile $189 Includes GST

Bookings call Mountain Bliss for first available. 0424541971

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